Area 2 Clubs

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3 valleys

Bishops Riding Club

Darlington & District RC

John Peel RC

Penshaw EC


Sunniside RC

Aln Riding Club

Border Riding Club

Durham & District RC

Larkrigg RSC


Yorkshire Coast RC

Swinhoe Farm RC


Barnard Castle & Teesdale 

Corbridge & District RC

Ellen Valley RC


Murton EC


Shipley Lane RC


Tyne & Wear RC

Bay Riding Club

Fieldhouse E.C

Hamsterley RA

Newcastle RC

South Durham SC

Yarm & District SC

Three Horses

BRC Affiliate your riding club

If you are interested in becoming one of our affiliated Riding Clubs we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with Beth Harding at to receive an information pack and application form.

Your local representative will arrange to visit your club to confirm the following criteria are met before recommending the club for provisional affiliation.

1.  The club has 12 adult riding members of 18 years of age and over 
2.  There is a committee comprising at least a chairman, treasurer, secretary and two others. These must be different individuals, who are not close relatives, i.e. living at the same address. No committee member may be undischarged bankrupts. If the club has any junior members there must be a Club Safeguarding Officer on the committee and BRC must hold their details on file. 
3.  The club must have held two committee meetings (with minutes available) 
4.  The Club must not exist for social or insurance reasons 
5.  The Club is to have its own bank account with a minimum balance of £100
6.  The Club must have schedule of planned activities for its members
7.  A sample copy of the club constitution is available from our downloads
8.  Access to facilities for mounted events - owned or hired.

Your club will be provisionally affiliated for one year, after which our representative will either approve the club for full affiliation, or may choose to visit you again.